Ed Scinto

for State Representative

A Voice for Stratford’s Waterfront

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Ed Scinto

Steering Stratford towards a Brighter Future

About Ed

Stratford Leadership

A lifelong Stratford resident, Ed has deep roots in our community. He graduated from Stratford High School in 1976 and stayed here to raise a family. He has served our town as the night custodial supervisor at Stratford High, a member of the Planning and Zoning Commissions, town constable, and justice of the peace. Ed’s passion is serving his community, and he will continue to serve us as our state representative.

Building Our Economy

Ed knows wetland policy. He currently serves on the Inland Wetlands Commission and as chairman of the Harbor Management Commission, where he is tasked with caring for our Waterfront. Because of his many years of service on the various Land Use boards, Ed is uniquely qualified to lead our district and move it forward.

Saving Our Waterfront

Ed’s main focus will be the Waterfront. The Waterfront is our heritage, but more importantly, it is our future. Ed will fight to keep the Waterfront well-maintained as it remains the mainstay of our economy.

Protecting Our Pocketbooks

Ed believes in investing at home, and he knows our money should serve our needs. As our state representative, he will fight to keep our tax dollars in the district and make sure they aren’t diverted for a regional agenda.



Has fought in his many years of public service to make Stratford a more affordable and attractive place for residents and businesses. He will never vote for a tax increase and will work actively toward lower state taxes.


Voted to increase taxes on many everyday products, like digital downloads and grocery products, and to expand the sales tax to thousands of other products.



Wants to eliminate burdensome regulations and create better tax incentives to attract new businesses and create a sustainable workforce.


Voted for a $50 million annual tax increase on small businesses and increased unnecessary filing fees. Together, these taxes and regulations inhibit job growth and make Connecticut unattractive to new businesses.



Understands that local control of education is the best way to provide quality education to our children. Ed will prevent Hartford-controlled education decisions.


Believes schools should be forced to regionalize and that Hartford bureaucrats should be making education decisions.

Limited Government


Believes in a government that is limited in size and is accountable only to voters—not special interests.


Voted to expand the size of state government through unfunded mandates on municipalities and programs like paid family leave—a taxpayer-funded program that will be administered by a quasi-public agency with little oversight or accountability to the people of Connecticut.

Stratford Priorities


Has lived and worked in Stratford his entire life. His service on the Waterfront Commission and Land Use Boards makes him uniquely qualified to be Stratford’s voice in the state legislature.


Works for Bridgeport mayor Joe Ganim, putting him at the center of a potential conflict of interest as the city of Bridgeport seeks to sell Sikorsky Airport to the state and expand it into a commercial airport.